The Rational Christian serves to establish truth through a clear, concise, and logical reading of Scripture.  The Bible is not meant to be a convoluted work of art, indecipherable to all but learned scholars.  From the Hebrew language of the Old Testament to the layman's Koine Greek of the New Testament, the authors' intentions were evidently geared towards clear and coherent communication to both the people to whom each book was written as well as everyone else to whom the scripture could be applied.  For this reason, understanding Biblical scripture is certainly attainable, and it does not require blindly accepting any theologian's interpretation riddled with cavernous mysteries.  The Rational Christian lets the Bible speak for itself as a whole, and the remaining uncertainties can be deduced from Christian principles by critical thinking.

In addition to establishing truth, another primary focus of The Rational Christian is incorporating sound arguments with Biblical principles in all its content to defend Christianity and promote its truths.  Not only will Biblical references be used, philosophical arguments will also be implemented throughout assorted topics broached in the articles, videos, etc.  Christian principles are not limited to theological matters, for they can be applied to nearly every aspect of life.  If consciously practiced, these truths can conform human behavior to a more Christ-centered lifestyle.  As such, The Rational Christian strives to provide conclusions from a Biblical perspective on several topics so that readers may be informed of the ideal Christian response for any circumstance or inquiry.

Lastly, the misconceptions of Christianity along with the false teachings have been plaguing Christianity and stifling the growth of believers and disciples in the secular world.  A prominent motive for this site's inception is to clarify and refute the perceived paradoxes, inconsistencies, and contradictions of the Bible. Another prominent motive is to eradicate all false teachings of Christianity with thorough refutations, reserving no room for doubt but only understanding. Seemingly minor issues are exacerbated when there is a lack of correction within Christian communities and the church.  For this reason, addressing these issues is a necessary priority.